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We apply our expertise to meet the challenges of today's mission-critical industries from security requirements of the nuclear power industry to rail and transit control solutions.



Command and Control Security Systems - Regulatory compliance and system integration for critical infrastructure security systems

As a trusted leader in critical infrastructure, Mirion Secure Integrated Solutions (SIS) provides command and control solutions that operate across the country at the majority of regulated nuclear facilities and are optimally maintained by our our life-cycle management services support team. 

To protect critical infrastructure facilities and operations, security operators need fully integrated command and control solutions. These security systems need to provide operators with efficient, reliable and comprehensive oversight over their sites, during both normal and emergency situations. That’s why our command and control solutions are trusted every day by numerous critical infrastructure industries, including the majority of nuclear sites and government and military facilities in the United States.

Our set of core software applications perform critical functions such as:

Additionally, cybersecurity is built into the foundation of our systems, by addressing realistic threat vectors with a defense-in-depth strategy.


All of our solutions are designed to enable our customers to meet both regulatory and customer-specific requirements.